Adding Marks for Exams

To add subject marks for examinations, go to Examination > Exam Group and click the Add icon in the Action column on the exam group list. Upon clicking this icon, the exam list page will open.

You then click on the Exam Marks icon that is in the Action column on the exam list page. On clicking this, the Exam Subject modal will open.

Then, click the Exam Marks icon that is in the Enter Marks column, on the exam subjects list. On clicking this icon, a subject modal will open.

Finally, select the Class, Section, and Session; and click the Search button.

Optionally: You can also use the file import option on the right side by first clicking the Download Import File button and using that to enter marks details. You then import the CSV file back onto the system, and the imported marks will be entered in the marks input boxes. You will be able to edit and check the imported marks to verify and correct any mistakes before uploading the file to the system.

Click the Submit button.