Quizzes & Certificates

Quizzes can be created in two ways, as follows:

  1. Via the course creation wizard. (How to?)
  2. From the instructor control panel. Go to the “Instructor control panel/ Quizzes/ New” and create a new quiz.

Class: Each quiz should be related to a class, so, you should specify the applicable class from the dropdown list.
Quiz Title: This will be displayed on the class page.
Time: The time that the quiz is to be taken by learners. When the quiz time passes, the quiz will be terminated and the result gets calculated automatically.
Attempts: If you want to allow the student to enroll to repeat a quiz several times, you can specify the number of authorised attempts.
Pass mark: If the quiz is certificated, the certificate will be awarded to the student after reaching or exceeding the pass mark.
Certificate: If a quiz includes a certificate, turn this toggle on.
Active: To show the quiz on the course page, turn this on.

You can define quiz questions after the quiz is saved. To do this, click on the “Add multiple choice” and “Add descriptive” questions and create questions as necessary.
For multiple-choice questions, you can use images and texts as answers.
Each question should have a grade specified to avoid marking and grading errors.
For descriptive questions, define a correct answer to enable the student to view the correct answer after the quiz ends, and after using up all authorised attempts.