Conducting and selling Live Meetings is available for instructors and organizations. If you want to provide live meetings to your learners, go to “Instructor panel/ Meetings/ Settings” and define your available times for a week. As such, when you define at least one hour in a given week, you will be displayed on the instructor's list as being available for live meetings.

To add your availability time for each day, click on the “Add time” on the “Controls” column. A modal will be displayed and you can define the start and end time in it, as required. You can add several time periods for each day.
After defining availability times, define your hourly charge. You can also add a discount to your hourly charge and a discount badge will be displayed on your profile card on the instructors (or organizations) page.

You can also disable your meetings temporarily by activating the “Temporarily Disable Meetings” toggle button.
If you want to disable meetings completely, clear all of the time periods in the timetable.