Conducting Live Classes

Live Classes

After a live class and related sessions are created, the instructor and students will be able to conduct and join sessions, respectively.

Live Class Features for Instructors:

The instructor can access live classes from the User Panel/ My Classes.

Live class options are accessible by clicking on the “Dots” icon.

Before starting each session, the instructor can export the student list by clicking on the “Export students list”. This is a security feature for the instructor to be able to verify participants' course-enrolment status, and avoid having unregistered students being part of the class session.

When the instructor clicks on the “Create Join Link” option, the next session information will be displayed in the modal and the instructor can copy the join URL and start the class.

When they click on the “Sessions” option, instructors are redirected to the live class sessions list, where they can edit sessions or join them.

If the instructor wants to create a new live class that is similar to a previous live class, they can click on the “Duplicate” button to have the live class information duplicated.