Important Notice

Difference between Examination Module & Online Examination Module

In the ExpertEase school’s eLearning system, Examination and Online Examination are different modules that serve different purposes.
The Examination Module applies for regular/offline examinations where exams are based on theory or practical assessments, and students answer questions in hand-written format on physical paper/hard-copy answer sheets.
This applies in a scenario like the following:
  • A regular maths exam for class 4 should be conducted in the school’s classroom using physical question paper and an answer sheet.  After the examination, the student will submit their answer sheet to the examiner, who marks and grades the work before entering the obtained marks/results and prepares mark sheets physically.
The Online Examinations Module applies for online examinations where everything (the questions, exam, and answers) is created within the ExpertEase school portal. Students write their exams online using a computer and submit their answers immediately. After the result is published, students can view their results online immediately.
***Accessing results immediately after an online exam is sometimes restricted by the teacher.