Adding “Collect Fees”

To add a collect fees process on the system, go to Fees Collection > Collect Fees then select Class and Section and click on the Search button. You can also search by keyword in the Search Text Box.

Click the Save button. The list of students will be shown in the bottom section of the page

To view fees details, click the Collect Fees button that is in the Action column in the student list

On clicking this button, the Student Fees page will open, where you can see all assigned student fee details.

To collect fees click on Add (+) icon present in the action column. On clicking this icon, a modal will open.



Enter all details of entries, like Date, Amount, Discount Group, Discount, Fine, Payment Mode (Cash, Cheque, DD, Bank Transfer, UPI, and Card) and Note (if you have any note) and click on the Collect Fees button. If you want to print the fees receipt, click on Collect & Print button.

Now fees will have been collected and the Revert button will become visible for reverting this fees entry if required.

To print the Fees Receipt, click on the Print button from the Action column.

To collect multiple fees, select multiple fees simultaneously from the left checkboxes and click the Collect Selected button.

To apply a fee discount adjustment, click the Apply Discount button from the Action column.

On clicking this button, the Discount modal will open, where you enter the Payment ID against which you want to apply the discount. Finally, enter the Description and click the Apply Discount button.