Meanings of Terms

  • Categories are used to manage data types such as asset, campaign, email, marketing message, point action, point trigger, stage, segment, and text message.
  • Assets: documents, ebooks, and files that we often use to send to our customers.
  • Campaign: if you have multiple campaign types, you can manage this way.

Examples: Welcome Campaigns, Offer Campaigns, Confirmation Campaigns, ...

  • Email: manage Email types similar to the Campaigns above.
  • Marketing messages:
  • Point Action: Point actions are the times when a contact receives a change in their total score. These actions can be either positive or negative changes and are based on a specific action as you define them... For example, open the email, submit the form, click on the link, and add the product to the cart. ..
  • Point Trigger -
  • Stage: manage customer states stage
  • Segment: Segmentation is the classification and arrangement of customer information into groups according to given conditions.
  • Text messages