Forms [Components]


Forms are used to collect user information and direct them to assets to load them.

Examples are: Forms to register for an event, or forms to collect Mail Newsletter.

Adding a Form

Step 1

Access the Marketing Automation module -> select Components

Form Management


Total Submissions: the total number of times this form was submitted.

Adding a Form

Step 1

Access the Marketing Automation module -> Select Components

Step 2

Select Forms-> Click ADD -> the system redirects to the Add new page

Step 3

Enter data in the fields

For the Source and Status fields, click the + sign to add more options -> Enter a name, then press the tick sign

  • Source: used to select a search engine (Google, Facebook, Bing,...). You can directly add more options
  • Status:
  • Responsible (Assignee): used to select the person who will be responsible for this Assignee data is taken from Staff. screen
  • Language: used to select the language of the authentication message. It can be English or Vietnamese, or another
  • Submit button text: used to enter text for the Submit button in this form
  • Message to show after the form is successfully submitted: used to enter the content displayed after submitting the form
  • Notification settings: can check or not check the option “Notify when lead imported”. If you check, choose 1 of 3 cases:
    • Specific Staff Members:
    • Staff members with roles:
    • Responsible person:
  • Auto mark as public
  • Allow duplicate lead to be inserted into the
    • Prevent duplicate on field
    • + field (leave blank to track duplicates only by one field)
    • Create duplicate lead data as a task and assign it to the responsible staff member

Step 4

Click SAVE to save changes. The system redirects to the screen below

  • Form Builder tab: Used to select the data needed to create the form
  • Tab Form Information & Setup: Displays information and configuration of the form, which can be edited here.
  • Tab Integration Code: Contains links to share for customers with the designed form template, allowing them to edit the width and height of the form to fit the website.


Step 1

Select the form to edit and click Edit

Step 2

Proceed to edit, then click SAVE to save the changes

View Forms

Select menu Components -> Forms -> select a specific form and click View -> display details of the form


Step 1

Select the form to delete, then press Delete

Step 2

The system will display a Confirmation message. When you are sure you want to delete the data line, select OK or select Cancel to cancel the operation.