Assets [Components]


This is the part where you manage files such as images, audio, video, pdf or zip files, doc, excel ...

Adding Asset

Step 1

Access the Marketing Automation module -> select Components

Step 2

Select Assets -> Click -> the system redirects to the Add new page

Step 3

Enter data in the fields

  • Name: enter the property name
  • Category: taken from setting category with type as an asset
  • Color: choose a color that reminds you to sort and search
  • Published: choose to publish or not
  • Description: enter a detailed description of the property
  • Attachment: used to select the file to upload for this asset


Step 1

Select the Component menu -> Select the Asset screen -> Select the View function corresponding to the data to be viewed

Step 2

The system will display a screen containing the information of the corresponding Asset

  • Copy link function is used to copy the link containing the file and download it to your computer
  • The Chart Statistics chart will show the number of file downloads per day


Step 1

Go to Components -> Assets => Select the data line to edit -> click Edit

Step 2

Update data and press SAVE


Step 1

Access the Marketing Automation module -> select Components-> Assets -> Select the corresponding line you want to delete -> Select Delete function

Step 2

The system displays the Confirmation popup. Press Delete to confirm the deletion or press Cancel to cancel the deletion