Asset Audit Management

Creating an Audit

Click Audit from the left menu. On the audit management page, click the Add button to be redirected to the create audit page.

Fill in relevant details in the following ‘required’ fields:

  • Title: Title of an audit.
  • Audit date: The date when the audit starts.
  • Auditor: The person selected to do the audit.

NB: You can use the filter shown in the below image to add an asset to the audit list.

Click the Submit button to create the audit.

Conducting the Audit

Authorization by Approvers

After creating an audit, audit requests are sent to approvers and await the authorization of all approvers. If all approvers accept, the person selected for the audit will be able to conduct the audit. Otherwise, if any of the approvers decline, then the request will fail and the person will not be able to proceed with the audit.

The Audit Link

On the audit management page, to edit or delete an audit record/listing, you hover over it and select the type of manipulation that you want to execute (You can edit it if it has New status).

On the list of approved audits, if you are the person selected to conduct the audit, there will be an Audit link when you hover over it. You’ll need to click this to perform an audit.

Changing/Updating the Quantity

When conducting an audit, the auditor will type the quantity in the column headed Adjust. When complete, the auditor clicks Submit to send the request and close it, as well as send it off to the approver.

Verifying/Accepting Quantinties as being Correct

The Approver will check which assets allow their quantity to be changed, and approve to change. They can also audit again and update the quantity in the column Adjust.