Discount Codes

Creating Discount Codes is one of the most required features for conducting affordable marketing campaigns successfully.

You can create discount codes for different purposes and share them in the system's marketing channels, such as email, social networks, etc; and users will be able to use them during the course purchasing process.
To create a new discount code, go to the “Admin panel/Marketing section/Discount codes/New" and fill out the required information.

The Required Information is as follows:

  • Title: There is no functional value behind the title. It is just for displaying the campaign on the admin panel. For example, you can set your campaign name as the title.
  • Users: One of the discount code options is that you can create a discount for a specific user. If you want to use this feature, select a user from the dropdown.
  • Discount Percentage: The amount of the discount that you want to give to the user. For example 20.
  • Max amount: Another option for discount codes is the max amount. Max amount is the maximum amount that will be reduced from the order price for the user. Imagine you want to create a 30% discount code but if a user uses the code for a $1000 order, the discount amount will be $300 and it might hurt your business income and have a negative effect on the business's net profit, so, the discount amount should be limited to prevent causing such a situation.
    Thus, if you do not intend to limit the max amount, leave this field blank; and if you want to limit the max amount, complete it with the max amount value so that, if the discount value is more than the max amount, the max amount will be calculated as a discount.
  • Usable Times: If you want to limit the time during which the discount code can be used, you can define the usable times.
  • Discount Code: The code that you will share with the customers, which they will use during the purchase process. [Example: happynewyear]
  • Expiry date: The date on which the discount code will cease to be usable. The discount code will become expired after this expiry date passes.