User Roles

The system comprises the following 4 default user roles:

  • Admin: Anyone registered under this user role will be able to access the admin panel. The role can be used for administrators and priority staff accounts.
  • Instructor: Instructors are able to create courses and online meetings. They can access the instructor account portal and its related features.
  • Organization: The organization role is similar to the instructor role, with the only difference being that, whereas the instructor role allows for just a single instructor to be linked to the account, the Organisation role can accommodate multiple instructors.
  • Student: Students can purchase courses and learn on the system. They can not create courses.

Note: To avoid errors and conflict in the system, please, never change the names and/or permissions of these default user roles.

What is the function of adding new user roles?

If you want to add users with specific access levels, you can create custom user roles with different access levels and assign customized user roles to the users.

For example, if you require 4 different staff departments with specific access levels, you can create 4 user roles and specify the access levels for each of them.

The option of adding new user roles will be useful for creating staff and admin departments since their access levels can be managed through this feature. For students, instructors, and organizations you can use the “User Groups feature” because it provides more options.

To add a new user role, navigate to the Admin panel/Users section/Roles/New and enter the requested text field values.

The caption is a brief description of user roles.

If you want to grant the user role access to the admin panel, turn the related toggle on, after that you can specify their access levels to the different activities or menus.

To assign a role to a specific user, navigate to Admin panel/Users section/Users list/Select a list and click on the edit button in the “Controls” column, and edit the user.

All the defined user roles will be available in the “General” tab on the “Edit user” page, and they can be changed as required.