Creating Custom Pages

To create some additional pages on the website (Such as about, terms and rules, service policy, etc) you can use the additional pages feature that provides a built-in CMS to create unlimited custom pages with customized URLs.

To create a new page navigate to the “Admin panel/ Content section/ Pages/ New” and fill out the requested data.
Please Note: The “title” field refers to a page title that will be displayed in the page header and the “Name” field refers to a page name that will be displayed in the admin lists.

The page link should be relative. This means if you want to create a page as “”, you should enter “/about” in the URL field. Don’t enter the full website URL in the URL field [like as a URL], which will cause conflicts and errors on the website.

The SEO description is the meta description of the page, which gets displayed on the search result page of search engines. It should be about 150 - 160 characters in length.

How to use custom pages:
After creating a page, you can use the page URL anywhere you may choose to, such as the footer, header, blog pages, course pages, etc. Just copy the page URL and use it anywhere that you want as an anchor link.

To have the page as a link in the top navigation bar, just add this link as appropriate.