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Who We Are.

We are ExpertEase Technologies, an innovative company dedicated to supplying comprehensive outsource ICT solutions to schools seeking to use cutting-edge and world-class ICT ‘for teaching’ and ‘for learning’.

At ExpertEase Technologies, we specialise and excel in working with schools to understand personalised ICT needs. We create and deliver robust tailored ICT offerings comprising top quality solutions at world-class standards.

We offer a solution that we install and maintain in entirety. This takes away stress from school leadership around keeping hardware up to date, and software licences and versions, current. School leadership is, therefore, left free to devote focus totally on teaching students, which is what they do best; whilst ExpertEase Technologies does ICT, which is what we do best.

Making BLENDED LEARNING a reality

Implementing innovative models of ICTs correctly in schools provides teachers with new and stimulating methods of imparting knowledge to students, and also empowers schools to defy the information access barriers that have traditionally restricted students’ potential. This constitutes a model called ‘Blended Learning’ through which, teachers impart knowledge to students through traditional classroom lessons complemented by computer hardware and software; like interactive smart boards and the internet.

The ExpertEase blended learning model allows the teaching of students using traditional print-based materials and digital or our internal online interactive learning platforms. This effectively facilitates online tutorial delivery to students by teachers who may be based locally or remotely to them. Teachers will also use our platform to send mobile device notifications, emails, and secure SMS messages to maintain continuous engagement with students, even during school holiday periods. That way, homework is delivered to students and marked using our secure platform, which keeps the students in learning mode even when off the campus.

ExpertEase Technologies manages the installation and maintenance of ICT hardware and software in all client schools. This way, ICT hardware is replaced frequently as per strict schedules before becoming obsolete, and software is upgraded similarly. This ensures that schools will always have the most current hardware and software for use in pursuing their ICT goals. We also provide training for teachers in using ICT hardware and software competently. We never just dump hardware and software at your school and ignore that teachers and students may sometimes lack the skills and competency to use it.

The syllabus and the content of lessons delivered using ICT, however, remain the full responsibility of each school. This follows the pursuit of conforming with national curriculum requirements being the mandate of school leadership. Our role is thus focused solely on supporting and/or facilitating schools to use ICT ‘in teaching’ and ‘in learning’, without imposing our perceptions and potentially disrupting school leaders from delivering value as they know best to do.

Our client schools will never have the responsibility of upgrading or licensing ICT hardware and software. Upgrading ICT hardware and/or licensing software is done strictly and efficiently by us through ExpertEase Technologies. This way, we ensure that ICT consistency and continuity are delivered at world-class quality levels. The school, on the other hand, is left free to solely focus on delivering the best teaching to the students, to lead over competitors.

Having computers and other ICT equipment available for student use in the classroom can create distractions that divert students’ focus away from learning, and impede concentration. Our solution empowers the teachers to maintain students’ focus by:
• Accessing students’ desktops anytime, and seeing all activity and files
• Taking control of students’ computers and disabling keyboard and mouse control for the student as necessary
• Transmitting messages to and from students in an interactive fashion that maximises the use of ICT for learning
• Students sign the class attendance register electronically

IT Support For Education.

We believe that it is not good enough to just supply computers to schools and leave teachers and school leaders to manage and implement the ICT solutions by themselves, without the relevant support of computer specialists.
That is why at ExpertEase Technologies, we collaborate fully with schools to plan carefully tailored solutions and stay in charge of implementing the solutions with the utmost expertise.
Our IT support offering comprises a dedicated team of computer engineers and technicians that are available 24/7 to pro-actively support schools’ computer networks, software installations and upgrades, and hardware installations and repairs, and thus, avoid or minimise network downtime.


Our technicians provide 24/7 support of software, hardware and the network

Always There For You

We stay by your side each step of the way, making sure your ICT solution stays operational & succeeds.


Child Safeguarding, Software Support, Courses for Teachers, Hardware Support.

Focus on Your Core Business

We take care of all hardware and software installation and maintenance as you educate learners.


We use triple layer login security for our users, and filter content for age appropriateness

Content Detection & Security

Protection from inappropriate online content, cyber-bullying and online grooming.

IT Makes Sense.

By the time textbooks and other traditional paper-based resources get approved for use in the syllabus, they will already be partly out-of-date. On the other hand, online and digital resources like YouTube for Schools and Google for Education are always up-to-date with current knowledge that is continuously updated by authors and researchers.
When they are equipped with a hybrid model of using technology-led teaching and learning alongside traditional methods, schools are well-positioned to elevate the learning content and capabilities of their students in ways that drive and sustain excellent grades in national examinations.
Imagine a group of students from ExpertEase Technologies assisted ‘School A’ who viewed videos of a real human heart pumping blood around a real human body, sitting the same examination as students from traditional ‘School B’ who only learn about the heart from viewing diagrams in a ten-year-old textbook.

Also, students from ExpertEase Technologies assisted ‘School A’ get a lecture/presentation delivered by the author of a geography textbook in real-time via Skype.
This will afford the ability to ask questions and be replied similarly to face-to-face interaction. Furthermore, ExpertEase ‘School A’ students will have also viewed videos of actual volcanoes alongside researcher-created illustration videos too, which students from ‘School B’ will have only learnt about through reading their ten-year-old textbooks.
Comparing the ExpertEase eLearning driven Tech-led learning and teaching by ‘School A’ students against the traditional teaching and learning students by ‘School B’ validates that the ExpertEase solution to using ICT in education improves the learning experience for students, whilst also propelling schools to the top of national school leaderboards and league tables.

School League Table Improvement
Student Grade Improvement
Government ICT Policy Compliance