Tailored School ICT Solutions

Meeting Top World-Class Standards 100%

What We Do.

We supply modern schools in the SADC economic region with outsourcing services for planning and implementing effective, world-class standard ICT solutions. We operate in Zimbabwe, Botswana, Namibia, Zambia, Mozambique, Lesotho, Swaziland, and Malawi.

  • Entirely Managed By Us – The ICT solution that propels your school to reach futuristic education delivery standards is fully supplied and managed by ExpertEase Technologies. This lessens your burden around hardware and software acquisition and upgrading. Thus, you continuously stay current with world-trends without facing any additional costs.
  • One Student, One Device – We value that each student must use a dedicated computer, without sharing with anyone else. Thus, we provide and ensure a 1:1 student to computer ratio for learning for our client schools.
  • Tightly Secure LAN and Internet User Access – The Local Area Network (LAN) used by ExpertEase Technologies is powered by top-of-the-range servers that authenticate every user login using maximum security protocols. This platform also supports a very comprehensive filter for monitoring and controlling students’ access to the internet by blocking abusive and immoral sites. This way, schools are reassured that unauthorised users cannot access the network to compromise the security and safety of students and teachers.
  • Data Storage & Data Protection – All data is kept locally within the school, in servers that are continuously backed-up to avoid data loss in the unlikely case of system compromisation. We protect students’ and teachers’ data with the utmost care and security by strictly complying with GDPR stipulations and protocols without compromise during its handling and potential sharing. You are 100% assured that your data is secure and handled and shared lawfully always.
  • Real-time access to ‘subject area specialists’ from around the world – Our system allows for subject area specialist, authors and researchers to present lectures to students in real time over the internet. This allows book authors and other specialists to present knowledge to students in ways that are nearly impossible to achieve with traditional teaching models.
  • Real-time backups – All files created by students and teachers are backed up in real-time on the server. This ensures that the school recovers from potential system compromise easily and with the least adverse effects possible.

Scalable Technology.

We work with each individual client school to supply the right quantity of ICT equipment items required for the successful deployment of ICT solutions. This means that, as a school begins the journey of deploying an ICT solution, it may require just a small number of hardware items, which changes as the ICT usage increases with the progress of time. ExpertEase keeps working collaboratively with client schools throughout the journey, making sure that the right quantities of hardware equipment items will be available as required and when needed. Thus, we are able to scale our solution to meet the precise individualised needs of each client.

“Through our UK-based training department, we train teachers to use our system and products in the correct and intended way.”

“Young people need protection from abuse and threats. When ICT and online access are involved, cyberbullying and online grooming are part of the many serious risks that our ICT solution protects against.”

“Our system is supported by technicians, with 24/7/365 response capabilities.”