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Does Your Existing ICT Solution Facilitate Safe Internet Access for Children?

When implementing an ICT solution in a school setting, the online safety of users is vital to ensure. At ExpertEase Technologies, we are driven by the need to ensure that children are safe from inappropriate content when surfing the Internet and the school LAN. We use the best antivirus and malware software that is tailored specifically for educational facilities and schools with young people as students. This blocks malicious programs and hackers out of the system and filters inappropriate content out of access by users, both young and adult.

Also, when they infect the system, viruses, trojans, and malware do not choose between accounts of teachers or students. Our system protects all users from intrusion and infection. Our client school can always be reassured of total safety for all users of the ICT solution that we supply.

By choosing the ICT solution from ExpertEase Technologies, your school stays safe and free from data corruption caused by viruses and malware. This significantly lessens the risk of downtime to your system, and teaching in your school can derive genuinely high standards from being driven by ICT hardware that functions without disruption. Such quality standards would satisfy the top caliber of meaningful, robust and resilient, dependable ICT solution worthy for use in schools.

Protecting Children Against Cyberbullying, Sexual Grooming & Sexual Abuse.

Other than malware and viruses, cyberbullying and sexual grooming/abuse comprise further risks faced by children online. The ICT solution that is used in all schools must be access-controlled sufficiently, filtered for content, and monitored for indicators of abusive communications involving users. At ExpertEase Technologies, child safeguarding and safety are key concerns on which our ICT solution is designed. We monitor the school network closely for signs of risk to children and provide support to any children who may be affected by cyberbullying or abuse by others.

Letting a child access the internet without proper monitoring and child safeguarding support is similar to dropping them in the middle of a jungle with ferocious animals, without any shelter or protection. They will be savaged and destroyed. Their psychological well-being will be destroyed for life, and likewise, the consequences will be life-long too. This is why through ExpertEase eLearning, we emphasise all teachers who use our ICT solution to be properly trained in Child Safeguarding, with a strict requirement for annual refresher course attendance and certification.

As responsible adults, school authorities and service providers can never afford to gamble with safety and security when children are involved. Children’s vulnerability can cause a lot of stress and worry and have severe consequences. The ICT solution from ExpertEase Technologies includes the child safeguard feature as a basic component for protecting children in SADC region schools.

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