Teachers’ Leaderboard

ExpertEase IMS offers a leaderboard module for showcasing the exceptional input of teachers in their role within the institution.

You can assign and remove teachers from the leaderboard from inside the ‘Teachers’ module.

1. Access the ‘Teachers’ module from the left main menu by selecting Employees => Teachers.

ExpertEase IMS teachers access

2. Click on the ‘Teachers’ menu link.

 3. To add a teacher to the teacher’s leaderboard, you will need to click on the leaderboard icon that is similar to the below image:

ExpertEase IMS teachers add to leaderboard

To show that the teacher is currently on the teacher’s leaderboard already, an indicator will feature below the listing of their name as shown below:

ExpertEase IMS teachers indicator

​To remove a teacher from the leaderboard, click on the trash can ‘Remove’ icon that is beside the Leaderboard tag as shown on the above image.