Parent Registration Requests

ExpertEase IMS allows parents to perfom Self-Registration on the system. This feature empowers parents to enter their own details on your institute system. 

If, on your system, public registration is configured to require admin activation, all registration requests will be visible after selecting the Awaiting Approval tab on the ‘Parents’ page.

1. You start by access the ‘Parents’ link from left main menu and selecting => Parent.

 3. Click on Awaiting Approval in the top right bar.

Eduopus teachers wait approve
4. You will be able to accept the parent’s registration request by clicking on the green button that is located next to the parent’s entry in the list.

Eduopus teachers accept waiting approve

You can view all data that is supplied by a parent as part of their registration request by clicking on the name of the parent.
You can edit the data that relates to the parent by following the drop down link that is reveled upon selecting the blue button with the pen icon that is under the Operations column at the end of the entry for each parent listing.

You can also remove the registration request of a given parent by clicking on the red button that has a trash can icon.