Add & Modify Parent Details

1. Access the Parents Module from the left main menu by selecting ‘Parent’.

2. You will be taken to a page that contains a list of all parents registered on the system, as illustrated in the image below:

You can change the status of any parent entry in the list by clicking the yellow light bulb icon. The current status of the field will then be displayed on an icon of a lamp next to the name of the parent.

A green lamp next to the name of a parent indicates that the parent account is active.

Eduopus parents active

A red lamp next to the name of a parent indicates that the parent account is inactive.

Eduopus parents هىشؤفهرث

You can edit any entry that is in the list by clicking on the ‘Edit’ icon that is in-line with each entry.

You can also remove any entry by clicking the ‘Remove’ icon that is next to the entry, which is denoted by a trash bin image.

3. To modify a record in the list, click on ‘Add Parent’ or ‘Edit’. 

The parent information capture form comprises a set of core input fields that are default to the system. These are complemented by the Custom Fields that are available for you to use in creating input fields for any additional data that you may want to collect about users in your institution. We have added some Custom fields in the above image for demonstration purposes.

Core Fields:

  • Full Name.
  • Username.
  • Email address.
  • Password.
  • Gender.
  • Birthday.
  • Address.
  • Phone no.
  • Mobile no.
  • Profession.
  • Photo.
  • Communications (Mail, SMS, Phone).
  • Student Details: Select related students and specify the relationship between the parent and each student.

Custom Fields:

We have created some custom fields for the purpose of showing an example in this user guide. However, for your institute, you will have the option to create any number of custom fields that may apply to the needs of your institute. Read the Custom Fields Guide to learn more about creating these fields.

  • Custom Field Cat 1
  • Learner Information