Add Notification Action

Notifications actions are divided into 2 categories :

  • Category 1: System actions – Used by the system when action is happened by system
  • Category 2: Custom templates – Custom templates can be used by users within the Mail / SMS & Mobile notifications modules, respectively

To add a notification action, navigate to the module Notification Actions via the path: Administrative Tasks -> Notification Actions

Notifications Actions from Admin Tasks

Once there, click on ‘Add Action’ to add a new notification action or the ‘Edit’ button to edit any of the previously created ones

Add action
Edit action

The form for adding/modifying actions or templates will then appear as in the image below:

Add / Edit notification actions

The following details are required in order for the adding / modifying of notification actions to succeed:

  • Notification Title
  • Notification Type
    • System Actions: Used by the system to send out messages to selected users when specific, pre-configured actions happen on the system
    • Custom Templates: Custom templates can be used by users by using the Mail / SMS module & the Mobile notifications module
  • Triggered when
    • Specific conditions are met, which activate automatic message sending using System Actions.
    • Define when this action must be triggered. A full list of triggers is listed in this DOC.
    • When selecting the trigger, a full list of variables listed for this trigger
  • Send as
    • E-Mail Message
    • SMS Message
    • PUSH Notification
  • E-mail subject
  • E-mail template
  • SMS Template
  • PUSH notification Title
  • PUSH notification templates

When you finish the adding / editting of relevant details, click on ‘Add notification’ or ‘Edit Notification’ to save to the system

Edit action