Mail & SMS Sending

To send Mail/SMS, navigate to the Mail / SMS Module from the link in the left panel menu.

Mail SMS Left

A form for sending Mail/SMS messages will appear :

Send mail message
Send SMS Message

While sending, You’ll be able to :

  • Accurately select the targetted users using the Users & Roles picker
  • Choose the message to be sent from any previously created templates within the Notifications Actions section
  • Add or alter any variables that may need to be replaced for the current run-time message sending process
  • Choose whether the message is to be sent immediately or at a scheduled future time.
  • In the case of sending an SMS message, the system will use AI to recognize SMS-Related information like
    • Message Encoding
    • Message Length
    • Number of Messages
    • Characters Per Message
    • Remaining character on the current message

When you complete the typing of the message details, click the ‘Send Mail/SMS’ button so that the system can proceed to either dispatch the message immediately or schedule it for sending to the target users at a later time.

Please Note: For SMS messages, you will have to use a SMS package/account that is available after contacting and setting up with the ExpertEase eLearning support team.