In ExpertEase IMS, classes are made up of a cluster of students who attend a specific academic level at the institution. Each class is associated with one teacher or a group of teachers and also with subjects that are allocated to it. Each class is also associated with one classroom, and users are able to search for a class from a list of available classes through the search bar in the web portal or mobile app.

Accessing classes in ExpertEase IMS is done from the Special Tasks Menu ( Top Bar ) and selecting Classes. See image below:

If you enabled sections, the class must contain at least one section to complete other educational processes like attendance.

You can add a new class through the ‘Add Class’ button at the top of the page. 
Modifying an existing class is done through the editing button that is found next to every class entry in the list.
Removing a class is done using the ‘Remove’ button that is found next to every class entry in the list.

Please Note: Take care before deleting any entry as it will affect all associated data like students who are assigned to the class.

The above screen shows how classes are listed in ExpertEase IMS.