ICT 'For Teaching' and 'For Learning'

Harnessing The Power of Meaningful ICT

What is ‘ICT for Learning’ & ‘ICT for Teaching?

Deploying an ICT solution that complies with the education goals set by modern governments seeking world-class competence and competitiveness can be very complex. It is far more than just plugging computers into electrical sockets and dumping them on desks for students and teachers to tinker with as experimentation to ‘discover’ what they can use computers for. Using ICT in education is referred to as follows:

  • ICT FOR LEARNING is the use of technology for aiding the access of information and knowledge to learners. It involves the learner using computer hardware, specialist software, the internet, and local area networks to access resources and information that improves their knowledge.

    Basically, ‘ICT for learning’ is technology that is designed and intended to assist learners to access information better and make better judgments about concepts and phenomena. When used in this manner, ICT serves as a useful tool for delivering content to learners, as well as for developing and understanding new ideas.

  • ICT FOR TEACHING is the use of technology by a teacher to facilitate the imparting of knowledge and information to learners. Technology that is used for this purpose may include among others, the internet, smart boards and computers, local area networks, and specialist teaching software. It is ‘enabling’ technology that assists teachers to disseminate knowledge to learners and students in improved ways.

Part of What We Provide

Using ICT in education involves using information and communications technology to support, enhance, and optimise the delivery of information to learners. This is facilitated by the following, among others:

  • A full digital institution administration module
  • Interactive smart boards
  • Computers and audio equipment
  • The internet and reliable data connections
  • Online learning resources
  • Online homework (in digital form)
  • Online tutorials and group work
  • Online library services