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Transforming Education in SADC.

Using technology for educating children

has GOOD and BAD effects.

A balance is therefore needed

between free access to information

and staying safe & secure.

The responsibility of educators to facilitate students’ and young people’s access to global information sources through ICT is key to nurturing for success in life.

Opportunity Limitation for Children in SADC-Region Schools

Equipment Abandonment

When ICT equipment is provided by suppliers to be used by teachers who lack ICT skills, it sometimes gets avoided and kept hidden away until it becomes outdated. When this happens, students will be unfairly robbed of the vital but rare opportunity of benefitting from tech-led teaching and learning. Nevertheless, some schools attempt to mitigate this problem by employing one or two ICT competent teachers to teach computer skills across their student population in the school. Although this seems like a satisfactory approach, it merely is just a starting point that is regrettably inadequate for use with any robust ICT solution such as what we offer through ExpertEase eLearning. When we get involved with client schools with our robust solution, both teachers and students will find real value and motivation in using ICT. This means that all equipment is fully utilised and upgraded in an active manner.

SADC Students with zero access to ICT

The dedication of teachers and the effort of students in the SADC region creates a high potential for producing students with stellar competence for competing in the global market place. However many schools in the region suffer from having restricted access to meaningful ICT for empowering their students. Some even do not have any ICT solutions in place at all.

Compliance with Government Policy

Our ICT solution complies 100% with the education goals set by modern governments seeking world-class competence and competitiveness is complicated. It is far more than just plugging computers into electrical sockets and dumping them on desks for students and teachers to tinker with as experimentation to ‘discover’ what they can use computers for.

Our Efficiency Indicators

Dedicated Support 100%
Student Grades Rise 98%
Child Safeguarding 100%
ICT System Downtime 0%
School League Table Improvement 98%

With ExpertEase eLearning, Your School Leads…

We take immense pride in engaging with client schools to plan and deploy an ICT solution that will expand the teaching capabilities of teachers and maximise knowledge acquisition for students and children. We are ready to deploy ICT in your school in ways that your competitors can only but dream of.