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You may browse through the following questions that others have asked us in the past. However, if your question is still unanswered, please use the contact form on this page to ask us directly.

We are ExpertEase Technologies Ltd, an innovative company dedicated to supplying comprehensive outsource ICT solutions to schools that seek to use cutting-edge and world-class ICT ‘for teaching’ and ‘for learning’.
At ExpertEase, we specialise and excel in working with schools to understand personalised ICT needs before creating and delivering robust tailored solutions comprising top quality solutions at world-class standards.
We offer a solution that we install and maintain in entirety. This takes away all stress from school leadership around keeping hardware up to date, and software licences and versions, current. School leadership is, therefore, left free to devote focus totally on teaching students, which is what they do best; whilst ExpertEase does ICT, which is what it does best.

We supply schools in the SADC economic region of with outsourcing services for planning and implementing effective, world-class standard ICT solutions. Our approach is for the ICT solution that propels your school to reach futuristic education delivery standards to be fully supplied and managed by ExpertEase Technologies. This lessens your worries around hardware and software acquisition and upgrading, meaning, you continuously stay current with world-trends without exerting any effort. We provide:

  • Dedicated 1:1 student/ device ratio
  • Secure LAN and internet
  • Child safeguarding as a core and mandatory attribute
  • Real-time access to ‘subject area specialists from around the world
  • Data Storage and data protection
  • Real-time data backups

Our pricing policy is very friendly and accommodative, based on many factors that differ between clients. This is why you will need to contact us using the contact form on our Contact US page, for a personalised quotation.

‘ICT for learning’ is the use of technology for aiding the access of information and knowledge to learners. It involves the learner using computer hardware, specialist software, the internet, and local area networks to access resources and information that improves their knowledge.
On the other hand, ‘ICT for teaching’ is the use of technology by a teacher to facilitate the imparting of knowledge and information to learners. Technology that is used for this purpose may include among others, the internet, smart boards and computers, local area networks, and specialist teaching software.

We use top-of-the-range servers to manage all user data for accessing the local area network and to store all the data and files that are created by users in our client schools. These servers are located locally at each of the schools. They are connected to the internet through fast data connections that allow them to access the internet. However, all user data and files are stored locally at the premises of each client school.

Local area networks and the internet are accessed by different types of users. Some such users seek to unlawfully access details about other users for targeting with abuse, threat and intimidation, grooming and/or various other types of criminal actions. When schools use networks that are poorly designed, they have no means of monitoring and blocking unauthorised access by such intruders. This compromises security by exposing the vast amount of data that they possess about each of their students at high risk of being accessed by intruders. Poorly designed computer systems make it very easy for criminals to get data for use in targeting children and teachers with criminal intent and threats.

The solution used by ExpertEase Technologies uses a very secure Local Area Network (LAN). It uses top of the range and strict encryption and monitoring protocols that make it next to impossible for intruders and hackers to penetrate and access data about students and teachers.

Through our UK-based training department, we train teachers to use our system and products in the correct and intended way. This equips teachers with relevant skills for using ICT for teaching your students in a meaningful way. We also conduct teacher in-class assessments as part of after-care support to check teachers’ competence and skill levels in using ICT in their role. If deficiencies are identified, we plan for skill improvement input with concerned teachers in a collaborative manner. Our role is always purely supportive, it is never judgmental or prejudiced.

The upgrading of computer and network hardware that may be faulty or outdated is the responsibility of ExpertEase Technologies. Also, when software needs upgrading or renewal of licenses, ExpertEase is fully responsible, and the client school does not bear any responsibility. All they do is to report any hardware faults and file requests for new hardware or components to be supplied by ExpertEase. Following this, ExpertEase will act on the reports and requests by replacing any faulty or outdated hardware with new and/or functioning alternatives in a timely manner. The client schools incur no costs throughout the process.

We work with schools in Botswana and in the SADC region that may be interested in implementing our superior ICT solution. Since our core aim is to promote the meaningful implementation of ‘tech-led teaching and learning’ in schools, we do not discriminate between the schools that we partner with. We believe all schools are good enough to work with. We, therefore, do not allow our reach to be compromised in any way by superficial geographical boundaries, prejudices and/or stigma.