Institution Management System (with Online Learning feature)
Digital Lesson System (for Brick & Mortar Classrooms)

Our Digital Education Suite provides tools that enable your educational institution to become fully digitalized and capable of delivering a genuine world-class standard of blended learning to students. We enable you to access the following features that combine together to power your institution to lead the market.


  • Human Resources Management

  • Reception & Front Office

  • Accounting, Income & Expenses

  • Staff & Student Authorised Absence Management

  • Online Lessons

  • Online Homework & Assignments

  • Inventory Monitoring

  • Online School Library

  • Online Invoices & Fee Payment

  • Online Study Materials

  • Online Lesson Timetables

  • Online Exams, Mark Sheets & Reports

  • Hostel & Transport Management

  • Location-Based & Biometric Attendance Monitoring

DIGITAL LESSON SYSTEM (for Brick & Mortar Classrooms) [**PREMIUM FEATURE]

  • Monitor keyboard Activity During Lessons

  • Lock Students’ Keyboard & Mice When Required

  • One-Click ‘Request Tech Assistance‘ Option for Teacher

  • Blank Students’ Screens to Gain Attention

  • Use Any Device Type: PC, Mac, Tablet, and Mobile.

  • Use Teacher’s Screen as Virtual Whiteboard

  • View & Control Students’ Screens

  • Test, Quiz & Survey Tools for Checking Comprehension

  • Real-Time Instruction Tools

  • Internet & Application Metering & Control

  • Hand Out & Collect Work in Real-Time, During the Lesson.

  • Dedicated Tech Console for Each Class