What We Do


The ExpertEase Group is parent to companies that specialise in technology and education, and one that supports schools in the SADC region with technology equipment and textbooks. We operate in the SADC region, with the main aim of powering the levels of ICT implementation in schools to reach parallel or even surpass the level that are prevailing in the United Kingdom and the USA. In our media wing also, we use equipment of the highest spec range in video recording and photography to maximise media product standards for schools and corporate entities.

Our mission is to equalise opportunities for global participation for young people and adults in the SADC region by bringing to them, the quality products and services that are currently enabling their peers in the UK & the USA to dorminate the technology scene

  1. The SADC Region MUST Realise Its Full Potential For Winning The Global Technology Race.
  2. We have a corporate responsibility to equip SADC to develop the ICT skills that are required for competing fairly on the global tech arena.